The Drop Inn

As I mentioned in my last post, I just started working on a restaurant here in Bad Gastein.
It's called The Drop Inn, and it opened up about 3 seasons ago, so it's still fairly young. It's owned and ran by three British guys, who all are superchill. The restaurant is pretty laid back; pretty simple with a lot of wood details and large wooden tables, a lot of them "community style", that fits big groups or multiple couples. It's a little "hipster", with old vintage stuff, games you can borrow and play, and cool staff. Everyone here is supernice, and I felt included from day one! And another cool thing about it is that the staff is from all over the world! There are Australians, Swedes (3 of us in total), Brits, Latvians, Germans and an Argentinian. We're around 15 people total, and out of them I am the only one skiing, the rest snowboards. So that's a first! Like I said, they're all supernice and the atmosphere at work is awesome! Most of the staff hang out outside of work as well.
We work in shifts, so you either work the day-shift which is 10am-5pm, or the night-shift which is 5pm-closing (which on paper is midnight but could be both 11pm or 01am depending on the amount of guests). So far I've worked two day shifts and one night, all three of them being relativly calm. Today we had my biggest rush so far, but I only messed up twice! :D  (which is perfectly fine on your third day)
Usually you're two waiters, sometimes three, people working one based in the bar and one on the floor. But since we're only two you swich a lot and help each other our. That fits me perfectly, and makes each day a little bit different even though you work in the same place each day. 
We work 6 days a week, and then have one off. Which may sound a lot, but since half of the days you don't start until 5pm it won't be that bad. And another good thing they've done is make the schedule so that you always get out at 5pm the day before your day off, and as much as possible have you start at 5pm the day after your day off, which makes it 48 hours instead of "just one day". So they've really thought it trough to mae it as good as possible for all of us. 

The location is great. The restaurant is just across from the main lift upon the mountain, as well as the train station. It's right next to the famous Felsentherme and close to the most busy bar street/area. So it's close to pretty much everything!
I've only worked three days but so far I'm loving it and it feels like its gonna be a great season! 
yours truly
This is the train station of the town, with the tracks hidden behind it, and in the background you can see the main lift go up.


The restaurant is filled with funny pictures and items, this being one of my favorites.



Our way in and out of the ski system, right outside our window.

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Åh va kul att läsa om hur du har det! Det kommer gå så bra <3

2018-01-12 @ 08:55:34

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