One week in Bad Gastein

Today I've been in Bad Gastein for a whole week!!! Which feels kinda weird. It feels like I've been here forever but at the same time like I just came. Either way I'm having a great time!
Yesterday was my first day off, which was (obviously) spent skiing. It was a nice and quite sunny day, but the slopes were still a bit icy. But apparently it's supposed to snow a bunch this week and I can't wait! We really need some snow. The slopes are still fine, but due to the rain and warm weather last week everything else is pretty much green, except for on the very top. The village is so dry that we today had a smaller sandstorm when the wind picked up.
When the lifts closed and after we had left all our skigear I went to the grocery store to get some food and necesities for the appartment. After that I met up with a friend, and we went over to her appartment and had tacos for dinner. After that I went home and had a quiet night in with two of my room mates. 
Today I worked the evening shift which meant skiing!!! If the scheduele stays the way my boss told me, I will be able to ski four days a week! Which is really awesome and I'm super excited!!
Work is still a lot of fun and I learn new things every day!
But now it's time to sleep since I have the day shift tomorrow.
Good night ❤ 

When we came to a complete stop in the slope, since it was packed with people standing still. Turned out there was a helicopter blocking the way, and as soon as it left we could keep going.


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