First ski day!!!!!

Yesterday I worked to night shift, which meant that I had the entire day off. This meant SKIING!! Finally! 
There is about a 10 minute walk from where we stay to the slopes, so we got all our ski-gear and went up there. 
It started of with the lady in the cashier trying to rip me off by adding almost 100 euro to the already expencive life card. So I questioned her about it and eventually I finally gor the "cheaper" price of only 515 euro(!). That price still hurt a bit, but it felt better as soon as a realized how much skiing it could mean.
And then we were off! 
It was a nice day, partly sunny and no wind. It was a bit cold, but nothing too bad. We went over to Angertal and Schlossalm, and did some skiing in that part of the system. The snow was better there, but still pretty icy due to the warm weather last week and then the freezing night. But despite that it felt great finally being back in the slopes! And I'm really looking forward to an entire season of it! 
After that I had a pretty busy work shift, with a full restaurant pretty much the entire time. It was fairly stressfull but overall it went well with pleased guests and pretty much tips.
Wish every day could be like this! 
yours truly




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