Back on track

I've decided to try to start blogging again, and I've been asked to do it in English this time for all my Oklahomies. So I'll give it a try! 

As of this Monday I now live in Bad Gastein, Austria. The plan is to stay here for the rest of the season, and work, ski and just have a great time. (Yes this is the main reason for my blogging, my life isn't too exciting back in Sweden.) 

I started yesterday, and right after my shift they had a 80's party at the biggest club for ski bums which I just had to go to according to my friends. People really went all in with their outfits and it was a pretty good way to start off my season. 
Right now I'm chilling at the restaurant I work at waiting for my friends and then head over to the afterski. (Which is a great way to finish your second shift.) 

That's probably it for now. 

Yours truly 



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